• This catalog is classified according to the chronological order of issuance of the pieces.
  • The pieces were separated by purpose (type), and each type gets its own numbering called CDD.
  • The pieces listed are according to the list presented by the Casa da Moeda do Brasil (see bibliography). Exceptions are treated as varieties and, generally, all pieces issued are listed, except dubious origin.
  • The work is extensive. Have mistakes. I appreciate the criticism and corrections.

  • Quantity effectively put into circulation.
  • Whenever possible, be informed the quantity printed.

Issue Date
  • The date the piece was put into circulation.

  • is displayed as the name of the Casa da Moeda do Brasil or as the notice.

Estimated prices
  • Used pieces is circulated piece, with obliterated stamp of the time.
  • New Piece has no cancel mark, never circulated. Beginning in 1955, is a useless piece (MINT).
  • Price catalog is the average value presented in various national and international catalogs.
  • Market price is the average value practiced in Brazilian philatelic market, street fairs and auctions of São Paulo (virtual stores like Mercado Livre and the like are excluded from the quote).
  • Unquoted value may indicate that the piece is not available for sale or exchange or which is not found in two or more merchants.
  • Remember always:
    • old stamps with small spots of rust, marks and irrelevant hinge has small damage to the gum devaluation.
    • hinge marks are acceptable until 1955 (this date can vary a few years more or less, depending on the merchant).
    • last but not least:
      • prices vary constantly and merchant to merchant.
      • the price of a piece depends on the amount issued, the amount used and the amount available in the present day and of course the condition of parts available on the market today.

        So, the values of catalogs are reference only.

        This catalog does not disobey this rule.

Personal Use (collections)
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  • In the catalog, the link my collection, which will change each collection, inserting or deleting seals and also recording stamps available for exchange will be presented
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  • Your opinion or criticism is very important so that they can implement new tools or further optimize the catalog.

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    Images and edicts
    • Private collection of the author or under authorized assignment.

    • Alessandro Ferreira Mesquita, Andrei Ochmat, Bruno Antonio Pagnon, Claudio Coelho and João Alberto Correia da Silva for assignment of images.
    • Romeo Natale for its unique presentation of filigree work sheets.
    • Especially Julio Silvio de Souza Bueno, my ever present friend, and give me your philatelic experience, contributes to the type aerograma constantly evaluates the site and it is great popularizer of the work.

    Classification codes
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